Software: NextLIMS and HIC Mutations


  • Company-owned, cutting-edge technological infrastructure for system deployment and bioinformatics processing.
  • Scalable, flexible and highly available systems.
  • Scalable redundant storage systems with great capacity.
  • Cloud server deployment, high availability, load balancing, computing power, and resource optimization.
  • Highly available latest-generation database system.
  • Physical and logical security control, access control, firewall, intrusion detection, backup copies.
  • Audited systems, monitored 24x7.
  • Hosted in a Data Processing Center with the highest security standards.
  • Adapted to the Personal Data Protection Constitutional Act and 2007 regulations (Spanish Royal Decree 1720/2007).

Custom software development

  • Multidisciplinary team composed of medical doctors, biologists and computer engineers, which is the main foundation of this activity. Knowledge of the context and fluent interaction with clients. We speak the same language.
  • Development following the highest and most innovative standards regarding software engineering, methodology, technology and quality, adapting to the requirements of each particular project.
  • All developed systems are responsive web systems, which allow access from any location and from virtually any device with Internet connection.
  • Integration in large working teams in international projects within the healthcare sector (BestAgeing and Inheritance projects within the VII Framework Program).
  • Evolutive and corrective system maintenance, with different priority modes.

Developed products

NextLIMS: Laboratory Management System (

  • Technologically innovative responsive web system specific for genetic laboratories.
  • Modular, adaptable and configurable design according to the client’s requirements.
  • Strict control of all processes and workflows.
  • Integration with different laboratory equipment: DNA extractors, sample preparation robots, Covaris, etc.
  • Process automation.
  • Available modules: Project management; gene library or sample repository management; billing module (integrated with e-invoicing solutions); storage control; order management; capture library (custom, exome, genome,…) and interpretation panels management; production and workflow management for NGS technology (different protocols implemented); production and workflow management for SANGER technology; etc.
  • Cloud-deployed as a service.

HiC-Mutations: Clinical report generation and knowledge management system

  • Technologically innovative web system specific for clinical genetics laboratories.
  • Specific for the cardiology area, easily adaptable to other fields of clinical genetics.
  • Includes indexed information from thousands of scientific articles, thousands of clinical data from patients, and thousands of genetic variants.
  • Management of genetic variants: automatically and transparently integrates population information, frequencies from different public databases, and different bioinformatics predictors.
  • Management of patients, phenotypes (with their most relevant clinical variants) and genotypes.
  • Automatic variant classification system through VCF, integrating population and predictors’ information, and taking into account the patient’s phenotype and the performed study.
  • Clinical report generation system from all the indexed information as well as from the specific patient’s information.