Laboratory services

We at Health in Code are experts in NGS and Sanger sequencing. We offer cutting-edge sequencers, an automated and innovative laboratory, and a team of highly qualified professionals ready to resolve all your needs. We provide custom-tailored solutions for your projects complying with the strictest quality standards.

Sequencing services (NGS and Sanger)

The whole sequencing capacity of Health in Code entirely at your disposal. NGS sequencing formats from 1x50 bp to 2x250 bp, with results in less than 3 weeks. Ask us and we will find the most convenient solution for you.

Illumina HiSeq and Applied Biosystems 3730 DNA Analyzer sequencing platforms.

Sample preparation services

From DNA/RNA extraction through QC to library preparation for NGS sequencing, at Health in Code you will find all the help necessary for you to bring your projects to a successful end.

Available infrastructure: automated extraction system Qiagen Qiasymphony, COVARIS S220 focused-ultrasonicator, Agilent Bravo robot, platform for QC Agilent TapeStation.

Array services

Array-based molecular cytogenetics services allow for detecting structural or copy-number variants, chromosomal aberrations, and other alterations such as uniparental disomy. Many of these alterations are known to cause disease. Now we offer you the opportunity to detect them.

Affymetrix platform, CytoScan HD arrays.

CNVdeCODE: Identification of breakpoints of structural variants and CNVs

Health in Code has developed a custom methodology that is able to identify the exact boundaries of CNVs and structural variants. CNVdeCODE allows for an accurate mutation characterization, thus making cosegregation studies cheaper and simpler.

In case you have CNVs that you wish to have characterized, please put yourself in contact with us. Without any commitment, we will evaluate the available evidence and send you our offer within 24 hours. / We will evaluate the available evidence and send you a non-binding offer within 24 hours.