This project will allow for the development of new products that improve the quality of care, safety and health of patients and users of healthcare services. With this purpose, the following objectives must be achieved:

  • Development of a data model that allows storing medical knowledge generated by evidence-based medicine in a smart, structured, rational and accessible manner. Model based on ontologies and on the relationships between them.
  • Compile, analyze, structure, andorganize clinical variables, symptoms, signs, history, complementary test results, diagnoses, and treatments that define the health and disease status of patients and users, and which are involved in decision-making processes. Mainly following recommendations in clinical guidelines.
  • Design rules and algorithms supported on the artificial intelligence paradigm, based on scientific evidence, used by healthcare professionals in decision-making processes about health care assistance affecting the health and disease status of patients and, consequently, the relationship between them.
  • Developing usable environment to"teach" the system. This environment must be easy to use (friendly interface) that allows for a reliable input of structured information and a massive input of knowledge (variables, rules and algorithms, etc.) by trained and qualified staff.
  • Developing a real-time web environment through which healthcare professionals can query the system with clinical data, phenotypic data, etc. of a patient and obtain outputs from the system in the shape of recommendations, confirmations, warnings, and alerts. The system advises the clinician about patient management.
  • Devise a use case about a specific area of medicalknowledge –cardiology- that allows validating a support tool for decision-making that improves the quality and safety of medical and healthcare actions.
  • Develop a software that serves as aprototype for use case validation.

PROJECT funded by the Axencia Galega de Innovación (Galician Office of Innovation) and supported by the Conselleríade Economía, Emprego e Industria (Economy, Employment and Industry Department). Xunta de Galicia (Galician Government).